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Fahey Took $30,000 in Taxpayer Cash "Accepted Raises while saying he opposes them for lawmakers"
Published Monday, March 5, 2012

(Buffalo, NY)- South District Buffalo Common Council Member Michael "Mickey" Kearns

today questioned a recent press release sent out and TV ad that is running sent out by his

opponent, Congressional Aide Christopher Fahey regarding opposition to pay raises to state

legislators, questioning his opponents’ apparent double standard on the issue. While claiming to

oppose pay raises for state legislators, Fahey has accepted more than $30,000 in tax payer funded

pay raises in just four years as a congressional aide. The special election for this seat is to be

held Tuesday, March 20th. The 145th Assembly District is made up of portions of the Fillmore,

Lovejoy, and South Districts of Buffalo, portions of Lackawanna, Orchard Park, and West Seneca.

“Plain and simple, elected officials in Albany do not deserve a pay raise for the mess they have

created over the years and the disservice they have provided for Erie County taxpayers," said


“Unfortunately, my opponent has already taught himself to be a typical Albany politician; he

comes out in opposition to taxpayer funded raises as he runs for public office. But as a

Congressional Aide for a dysfunctional Washington, he has had no problem accepting large

yearly pay increases paid for by hardworking Western New York taxpayers. To make matters

worse, while Fahey received a taxpayer funded bonus Western New York seniors did not receive

a Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment in 2010 or 2011. What we have is another

candidate telling the people one thing to win votes, but behind the scenes his actions say

otherwise" Kearns concluded.

According to LegiStorm.com, a searchable database of US Congressional staff salaries

committed to transparency and an open government, Christopher Fahey began employment in

Congress in 2005 at a starting salary of $53,606.10. By 2010, the last full year of salary reported

by LegiStorm, he was making $88,564.00 in taxpayer funded salary. Year by year salary

disclosures are available below as provided by LegiStorm. An almost $35,000 taxpayer funded

salary increase during these tough economic times is unacceptable and inappropriate.

2005- $53, 606.10 as Director of Special Projects

2006- $63, 149.95 as Director of Special Projects

2007- $77,166.64 as Director of Special Projects

2008- $83,500.04 as Director of Special Projects

2009- $84, 384.70 as Director of Special Projects/Deputy Chief of Staff

2010- $88,564 as Director of Special Projects/Deputy Chief of Staff

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