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Kearns: I Will Vote “No” on Shelly Silver Challenges Opponent to Reject & Return Silver’s Campaign Money
Published Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(Buffalo, NY) - Independent Democrat and State Assembly candidate Mickey Kearns today announced that when elected, he will vote “no” on New York City Speaker Shelly Silver as head of the New York State Assembly. Kearns also challenged his opponent – who has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign mailers paid for Silver – to do the same.

“New York City Speaker Shelly Silver and his special interest friends in Albany have cost more western New York jobs than anyone. His policies – like obstructing UB 2020 – have hurt our region. I will not let that happen anymore. That’s why I will vote against Shelly Silver for Speaker and stand up for western New York,” said Kearns.

“But, it doesn’t end there. My opponent needs to stop being a puppet of Shelly Silver and commit once and for all that he will vote against Shelly Silver, just like Mark Schroeder did,” continued Kearns.

“Now, that might be tough for him, because he has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in Shelly Silver paid for mailings, as well as two full-time Shelly Silver downstate political operatives working full-time on his campaign. But jobs for western New Yorkers are more important than being a puppet for Shelly Silver,” stated Kearns.

“That’s why Chris Fahey needs to say once and for all that he will vote against Shelly Silver for Speaker, return the tens of thousands of dollars for campaign mailings, and refuse to take another dime from Silver and his New York City special interest friends,” said Kearns. “Fahey needs to be a little less concerned with where his office in the capital will be and more concerned with stopping Shelly Silver’s policies that are crippling upstate New York.”

“We can’t afford another puppet in Albany. Chris Fahey’s campaign is bought and paid for by Shelly Silver – look no further than his first three mailings. We need an independent leader in Albany – and I am that candidate willing to stand up to Shelly Silver and say ‘no’,” said Kearns.


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