Meet Mickey Kearns

Kearns Family A lifelong Buffalo resident, Michael P. "Mickey" Kearns is the son of Mary, a Lackawanna native, and Paul Kearns of South Buffalo. His father Paul is a retired Buffalo Fire Fighter. One of six children, Michael is a graduate of Bishop Timon High School, Erie Community College, and Canisius College.

After completing a B.A. in Political Science at Canisius, Mickey began his public service on the streets of Buffalo working as a sanitation worker. He credits this period of his life for creating the foundation of his hard work ethic and loyalty to his family, friends, neighbors, and community. After working in sanitation, Mickey began his career in the private sector earning a Paralegal degree from Erie Community College while working at the law offices of Hiscock & Barclay. Most recently, Mickey served as Vice President at Kearns & Associates, a family owned full service fundraising firm that specializes in helping not-for-profits, local parishes, educational institutions, and healthcare providers through the capital fundraising process so they are able to deliver their services back to the Western New York Community.

Kearns Family In 2005, while working full-time for Kearns & Associates, Mickey, in the spirit of his mentor Jimmy Griffin, decided he could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch a government that he felt was no longer working for the people. He decided to run for the office of South District Common Council Member in the City of Buffalo. Similar to how Mickey approaches the issues, he ran in 2005 as an unendorsed candidate against the political bosses, beholden only to the residents and taxpayers of the district. He won the primary and general election in a landslide by going directly to the people in his community, knocking on doors and meeting with residents to discuss the issues they care about face to face.

Since being voted into office, Mickey has tackled the hard issues head on and prides himself on being an independent voice in the community, working with residents of all political parties to move Western New York forward. He has fought to protect our small business owners from unnecessary regulations and committed himself to protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

During his six years in office, he has fought to reduce taxes and will fight to protect taxpayer dollars in Albany at any cost. Most importantly, Mickey recognizes we need to create jobs in Western New York. Politicians like to talk about jobs. Mickey knows that talk is cheap. Mickey is a public servant with a record of results and has actually delivered on his promise to grow jobs right here in Western New York. Mickey promises that if elected as your Assemblyman he will work for you, not a political party.

Mickey currently lives in South Buffalo with his wife Erin and daughter McKenna.

Kearns Family
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